Monday, November 29, 2010


Hello, wow, it is already the 29th of November as I was writing the title

I have nothing to write, okay, so let's talk about my last week :)
I was at school on Monday and Tuesday last wk T.T
I went to Pac Fair to look for jobs on Wednesday and on
Thusday, I went to school for like 2-3 hrs then I went to Surfers and Harbour Town with Ploy and Songhee
When talking about Harbour Town, I love that place XD
When shopping, it feels like shopping in HK cuz of the similar prices and there are shops they only have in HT and not any other places in GC and and and on
Friday, I went to Dreamworld with Ebony, Emma and Rebecca <3 such a fun day I ever had, I went on the wipeout 3 times, cyclone and the claw once and the other boring rides once, btw, I am too scared to go on the Giant Drop, maybe I will go on it next time since I think that the claw, cyclone and wipeout are not scary at all :D

After all those things happening, got so tired after Dreamworld so I decided to stay home for 5 days and go out on Thursday since I have JAC at Southport O.O
Hope Hyejeong, Ploy, Rebecca and Jess are free that day to have a last hangout together before three of them leave me :(
But, I am going out tmr cuz nothing to do at home, so boring, this is all I do at home, sleep, eat, watch HK dramas, FBing, that's all :( boring, ey?

Ohkay, that's all I want to write for tdy, long post for my last week's life :)

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