Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Last Week + Today :DD

Dear All,
sorry for not blogging for a while, been lazy and busy on the comp jk
I have no legitimate reason why I haven't been blogging :P

Last Week:
Stayed home for 4 days in a row cuz can't be bothered going out + no money + most of my friends are overseas
Thursday: Went to Dreamworld with Angie and you won't believe me, I went on the Tower of Terror II and most of the Thrill Rides and of course, the boring ones =.=
Friday: I went to Harbour Town and Surfers with Jess, we spent heaps of money at Harbour Town and we don't even know what we spent it on T.T anyways, we went to Surfers for Puris XDD

and here they are :) and these photos are like the best I took for such a long time hehe xD
That's all for last wk :) xoxo

So this wk, nothing much going on, I am going to Sydney :D
I thought I was going to Sydney on Tuesday on the 23rd and yesterday while talking to Jess, she told me 23rd is a Thursday, I was like O.O "oh no, you can't be serious?"
I swear, I thought I was going on Tuesday morning, what is this?, doesn't feel like a trip to me T.T
I know nothing about this trip, yeah, so going to Sydney on Thursday is/was a true fact and I had to take it ToT and ever since, I knew this, I was like F, should off made plans with Jess this wk cuz I was so tired after Dreamworld which forced me to sleep at 11 so I could stay awake all day with Jess but oh wells, this is life :)

This morning got a call from a friend that I haven't talked to for quite a while :DD
We were just random talking with awkwardness involved :)
until she told me her dad passed away :',(
My heart sinked as I know her Dad, such a nice Dad that can tell jokes and quite friendly too compared to other Dads'
R.I.P. G*****'s Dad
no need to ask and please don't guess, please leave my friend's privacy as this is not a happy thing,,
I would love to share happy things about my friend/s but not this, thanks in advance xo
I shouldn't be posting this but I thought that I really wanted to write this, yeah, I don't know what I am thinking, please do tell me if you think I shouldn't post this xoxx

Okay so tdy, I went out to Australia Fair with my parents, okok, actually Dad went to Library and Mum and I went to AF, we were just at a $2 shop buying useful stuff for the house until Mum told me to ditch her and walk by myself at other stuff, I thought no one would be at Easyway tdy but still went to check and saw Maggie :)
Yep, staying home is boring so she was there alone reading a newspaper loll and she told me to call Steven to come out and hang with us, yep, that turned out good and we met at 3 doing nothing, just drinking milk tea next to Easyway, our hang out place XD

Yepp, that's it hehe ttyl


  1. gahhh I miss queensland :)
    tower of terror look so scary kudos for going on!
    I hate staying at home too but no idea what to do if i was to go out

  2. cute purikura!!! I'm a big fan of purikura too^^

  3. Hye Rin* thanks^^ <3 :)
    Tam* TOT was awesome, it's like over in 20 secs,
    should go on it nxt time ;), yeah, not much places to go if you were to go out esp on the Gold Coast :)